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  • Civil and Commercial Litigation, Mortgage Enforcement, Collections, Breach of Contract

    Matthew has extensive experience and expertise in litigation. Matthew guides our clients through a very stressful process by providing personal representation, while working with each individual client to determine the best method possible to resolve their disputes. This can include negotiation, settlement discussions, mediation/arbitration and if necessary, court. At all times Matthew's goal is provide cost-effective and efficient results.

  • Wills and Trusts

    A will is a document which allows you to designate who is to look after your estate upon your death. It also allows you to name who is to benefit from your estate. Matthew takes the time to thoroughly explore with you the best way to carry out your wishes, including any special needs or interests for yourself and your beneficiaries.

  • Powers of Attorney: Property and Personal Care

    A power of attorney allows you to name someone to act on your behalf should you become unable to make your own decisions. A power of attorney is a very important, useful and powerful document. Matthew will work with you to ensure that you thoroughly understand the purpose of these documents and how best to structure them to meet your specific needs.

  • Estates and Probate

    Matthew provides comprehensive Estate Administration Services. He has extensive experience in this area and attends to court applications on a regular basis seeking to appoint his clients as Estate Trustees. This is also known as "probate". Matthew works with our clients to deal with their estate matters in a cost-efficient manner. He assists and guides our clients in all areas relating to estates, such as, determining whether a court application is necessary, transferring of assets to any surviving joint owner(s), liquidation of the estate assets, dealing with creditors of the estate and distribution of the estate assets.

  • Construction Lien Law, Breach of Trust Claims

    Matthew has extensive experience and expertise in all areas of construction lien law. Matthew's clients include trades (contractors and sub-contractors), owners and mortgagees. Matthew works with his clients to determine whether a lien is necessary, and if so, proceeding with such a claim. If you are subjected to a lien claim, Matthew will work with you in order to defend you against any such claims and address any deficiencies and set-off claims you may have. Matthew guides his clients through this very technical and complicated area of the law.

  • Buying and Selling Your Home: Residential Real Estate and Conveyancing

    Buying or selling a home is a major life decision and it is important that you are properly represented by a lawyer throughout this process. Matthew provides our clients with his personal and hands on advice from start to finish. Matthew will be in touch with you throughout the process to ensure that your purchase or sale proceeds smoothly and without disruption or delay. He is available to you throughout the process in order to assist you and answer any questions that you may have. Matthew has extensive experience in handling real estate purchases and sales from the "Offer" stage through to the completion of the purchase, sale and mortgage.

  • Mortgaging or Refinancing your Home or Commercial Building

    A mortgage can be a complex process with significant consequences. Often the financing of your home, or refinancing, needs to be done promptly and efficiently. Matthew will provide you with the individual attention that you need to ensure that your financing or refinancing proceeds without delay. He has extensive experience representing both borrowers as well as private and institutional lenders and provides personal and individualized financing/mortgage services in the following areas:

    • Financing relating to a residential purchase
    • Financing relating to a commercial purchase
    • Financing or re-financing of a property which you already own

  • Commercial Leases

    Whether you are a commercial landlord or tenant, Matthew has broad experience and can assist you with all aspects relating to the negotiation, drafting and entering into a commercial lease. He will answer your questions and address your concerns. A well drafted lease is essential in protecting your interests and avoiding any future disputes.

  • Business Services: Incorporations, Corporate Changes, Shareholder Agreements, Business Purchases and Sales, Corporate and Commercial Law, Small Business Law

    Matthew has widespread experience in setting up businesses for his clients. He can attend to the incorporation of your business on a provincial or federal basis, obtain your corporate seal, set-up your corporate minute books and attend to the initial organization of your business. He also represents his clients in all types of business transactions and entity formations, including partnerships and sole proprietorships. He has expertise in the drafting of shareholder agreements, director and shareholder resolutions and minutes, updating minute books and attending to any necessary filings as a result of changes to the corporate structure. In addition, Matthew has broad experience representing his clients in the purchase and sale of a business. He can assist with all aspects of the transaction, including preparing and reviewing purchase and sale agreements, reviewing any applicable lease and handling any financing requirements.

  • Notarizations and Declarations

    Matthew is qualified as a Notary Public and a Commissioner of Oaths. He is able to attend to the preparation and execution with you of your legal affidavits, sworn statements, statutory declarations as well as certifying true copies of any original documents.

  • Family, Divorce, Matrimonial Law

    Matthew and Michelle work as a team to provide family law services. Please see our Family & Divorce Law page for more information.

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